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    The idea of Beyond The Gift Shop came from a simple problem that we discovered one day after leaving Disneyland. On our way to a nice dinner with friends, we quickly realized that our matching Mickey tees (which we love to wear at the parks) just didn’t feel appropriate for the occasion. At that moment, we asked ourselves, ‘why isn’t there any themed apparel that’s more of a nod to our favorite place, than something so in your face’.

    This led us to making designs and printing tees for ourselves, wearing them around, not just in at the parks, but also in everyday life. Once people asking where we got our them, at coffee shops, at the airport, and of course at the parks, we knew we were on to something.

    Today our goal remains the same: give people an option Beyond The Gift Shop, through good vibes and minimal designs.

    - Thea & Jason, Designers & Founders